The Sacrifice Of Worship



  1. reverence and adoration for (a deity); honor with religious rites.”the Maya built jungle pyramids to worship their gods” synonyms:revere, reverence, venerate, pay homage to, honor, adore, praise, pray to, bow down before, glorify, exalt, extol; be devoted to, dote on, love, hold dear, cherish, treasure, admire, esteem, adulate, idolize, deify, hero-worship, lionize, have a high regard for, hold in high regard, hold in esteem, hold in awe, look up to; informalbe wild about, put on a pedestal

I don’t know what season of life you are in right now. What I do know is that you have probably walked through your share of seasons. We all have seasons of beauty and ease, just as we all face seasons of hardship, loss, and trial. One of the most profound ways I have found of making it through a difficult season is through worship.

“Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.” Hebrews 13:15

I find it so interesting that the word sacrifice is used in this verse in reference to us praising our God. Shouldn’t us worshiping and praising the Lord of our lives be easy? Come naturally? Well, there are seasons when it does. Seasons when life is good and we rejoice and worship the Lord for His goodness. But the truth is, there are seasons when worship is just plain hard.

There are seasons of financial hardship, sickness, relational wounds, and death. There are seasons when we forget God is good all the time.  Because in truth? He doesn’t feel good all the time. Sometimes He feels wrong. And in our flesh, in our narrow view of the world, we can question His plan and His purpose. Sisters, I truly believe our God can handle our doubts, fears, and questions. He knows our humanity is weak and our sin nature is strong. And these are the moments it is of utmost importance to not let your feelings dictate your actions. These are the moments when our praise to Him is a sacrifice. We may not feel like it. We may even resent it. But once you enter into that place of worship, amazing things happen. Our world rights again, our perspective clears, our hearts soften to His leading. DO IT EVEN IF YOU DON”T FEEL LIKE DOING IT.

I find it stunning how many times in the Word of God that the act of worship is preceded by hard things.

A woman, with a life style of sin burdening her, breaks apart her alabaster box. This being her most prized possession, something so costly and treasured it could have fed many, shattered. It is said this may have been her dowry, her very hope of a bright future. AND SHE BROKE IT APART in honor of her Lord. She didn’t anoint Jesus’ head with the bottle’s contents as another Mary had previously done. She was in a different season, one of hard things. She stooped low, at His feet. In contrition and humility she offered the only thing she felt she had of value in an act of worship.

It took something breaking apart to lead to worship{from Luke 7:36-50}

We see Paul and Silas, imprisoned and shackled. And what do these men do? They pray and sing to the Lord. In the very midst of a hard thing, they worship. And that worship precedes and sets forth a miracle. They could have wept, fought, or been angry. And maybe they were in their hearts? But they chose to worship when it seemed wrong, when it may have appeared God turned away, and it brought blessing and miracles.

Prison brought praise{from Acts 16}

What of the poor widow who gave 2 copper coins worth very little? She had precious little. I am sure those coppers could have purchased her food that was greatly needed. But in submission to Christ she offered her meager coins. And friends, that was a sacrifice for that woman. She chose the harder thing, when it may not have felt like much or reasonable. And Jesus himself used her as an example to His followers of what true worship looks like.

The little she had was freely given{from Mark 12}

There are so many more examples of worship and sacrifice in the Bible. What did it mean to those in Old Testament times to worship God? It meant the literal slaying of an animal, their best one, their most perfect lamb, etc being sacrificed to the Lord. Sacrifice had to take place for true worship.

And let’s not forget the most important act of worship of all time. Jesus offered Himself up on the cross, died a lowly, painful death, as a sacrifice for us. He submitted to the will of the Father in the Garden when, despite His feelings, He worshiped the Father by handing His will over. And in this act we find salvation and hope for mankind. Surrendering your will to the Lord is an act of worship, friends.

So despite your circumstances or feelings, please don’t let anything prevent you from the act of worship. It may look different at different times. It may look like financial giving to further the Kingdom. It may look like starting your day with singing praise. It may look like time on your knees in prayer. It may look like submission to do the hard thing He is calling you to do. It may require breaking, sacrifice, surrender, dying to self. But however you worship in this season, may it bring your heart back in line with the will of the Lord and His perfect plan for your life.

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  1. So well written, Mandy! I rarely had music playing in the house, until we got a bluetooth speaker for Christmas and it’s been such an encouragement to me to put worship music on throughout the day — it truly changes the atmosphere.

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